The Greek residency program


Try before you buy

“Test drive” your house – Free trial offer!

You are probably aware that there is now legislation in Greece which opens a window of opportunity for non – EU citizens to earn a residency permit in Greece, through the purchase of property.

May be you belong to those who are seriously considering to invest in real estate by the Mediterranean Sea, but you are still not absolutely sure what is required or where the best location is for you.

Wouldn’t you feel safer and wouldn’t it be easier to make up your mind, if you could TRY YOUR HOUSE BEFORE buying it?

Greek Residency is offering you a unique opportunity: to spend time alone in a house, to “test drive” its features, atmosphere and location.
Take some time and live for a few days in the house you are considering buying. This way you can make the perfect choice by firsthand experience.

By living in the house, you gain valuable insight about important factors for your imminent buying decision, such as: construction quality, state of materials, comfort, space allocation, functionality, while in the same time you get to feel the special atmosphere every home has.

Equally important is that you get to explore the area and find out if it’s the right location for you, while we will be there for any needed help and advice.

Please, contact us at to find out how to exploit this opportunity totally FREE and for any other clarifications you may need.