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The Company

At Prime Synergy, we feel very strongly about offering exceptional customer services. Through a complete line of real estate services, we ensure that we meet our customers’ every need.

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Prime Synergy was founded on the belief that selling or buying property can be faster, easier and more efficient.
Our goal is to guarantee the best property ownership experience, providing services that go beyond the buying and selling of real estate.

Our expertise is the presentation of property to citizens of countries outside the European Union who plan to acquire property in Greece in order to take advantage of a law offering a residency permit in the country for those willing to spend at least 250.000 euro for property.

Alongside the selection process, we offer a wide array of services that provide essential support to our clients before and after the purchase of the property. Thus we secure our clients’ peace of mind, laying the ground for their smooth integration in the Greek way of life.

The backbone of our company are its professionals: Civil engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, all with valuable experience in the required processes leading to the successful completion of the purchase cycle and the issuance of the residency permit.

Our mission however does not end here. Through a package of after sale services we cover every need that will sooner or later arise regarding the new property, from home decoration to cleaning, maintenance, as well as the possibility of renting the property.

We will be there to answer your questions and make sure everything runs smoothly, because Greek Residency was founded on the commitment for professionalism and customer service.

Business Principles

  • We identify and anticipate the needs of our customers and take actions that exceed their expectations.
  • We act as Ambassadors of Goodwill, always speaking positively about our industry.
  • We believe that our individual performance affects the success of everyone.
  • We understand that the customer is the reason that we exist as a company, so we build customer relationships that guide our success.
  • We hold ourselves accountable to our responsibilities and commitments.
  • We are committed to personal growth, professional development and innovation.

We are the “Golden Visa Greece” experts



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*November 26th, 2019 – Full time lawyer*

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