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Definition of property types


A villa is a luxury house. It is freestanding and independent with a large landscaped garden and plenty of distance from the nearest neighbor.
A villa has a minimum covered living space of 250 square metres and is constructed of high quality materials and fittings. It usually consists of two levels and a basement large enough to accommodate storage area and parking for two or three cars.
Most villas are located in upscale neighbourhoods.

Detached House

A detached house is an independently standing house surrounded by land, a standalone structure on a private lot. Detached houses consist of one or two levels of living space plus an underground space for storage and car parking.

Semi-Detached House (often called maisonette)

The primary feature of a Semi-Detached House in comparison to a detached house is that it is attached to another comparable unit. The individual residence units in a Semi-Detached House have a shared wall between them.

Cottage Style House

A cottage style house is usually a low to medium size, one or two levels, rural dwelling of traditional structure, made of stone and surrounded by a working farm or a garden of fruit trees. A cottage style house is associated with comfort and minimalistic living.


An apartment is a self-contained private residence, always part of a larger building.
The apartment is individually owned, while use of and access to common facilities such as hallways, heating system, elevators, swimming pool, exterior areas is associated and controlled by the association of owners that jointly represent ownership of the whole building. Building maintenance fees like security and cleaning are split in shares proportional to the size of each apartment.

Apartment (entire floor)

Like the apartment. Only occupies a full floor of a building. Also called floor–through apartment.

Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is a small apartment with own bathroom which combines living room, bedroom and kitchenette into a single room.
Studio apartments typically range from 20 to 40 square meters in size.