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The Greek residency program


Arrange for a trip to view the properties

Should you decide to visit Greece in order to view in person some of the properties, we can take care of all the logistical hassle :

  • Airport pickup
  • Hotel reservation


  • Athens tourist attraction tour

Regarding property visits, we will arrange an itinerary that fits your schedule. We can manage three to five visits daily if properties are all in the same area plus the time it will take us to get there. Our representative will accompany you during property visits. We speak English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish and Italian.

Apart from property viewing, we will present you a complete picture of all legal, financial and administrative aspects that culminate to the transfer of the property.

We will also present in detail the cost structure end-to-end :

  • The property purchase
  • The residency permits
  • The after sale services

See below an example of a five day visiting schedule :

Example of a four day visiting schedule to view properties in Greece

Note that the cost breakdown is detailed to the last cent. NO hidden charges

The cost of the trip depends on arrival dates, duration of stay, properties’ location and additional services, if any. As long as we jointly set a visiting schedule, we will let you know of the total cost.

This is purely an informational trip. You are not forced to make any decisions. There is no obligation to buy what so ever.

In case you want to be prepared about the next steps, read the FAQ chapter

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