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250K – all inclusive


Greek Residency, through an innovative model of collaboration with the real estate sellers, is proud to present the unique product 250K – All inclusive, which offers the dual opportunity to acquire real estate and a residence permit in Greece.

With a final sum of 250.000 euro and not a cent more, one can become the owner of a valuable piece of real estate and a five year residence permit.

This sum and the real estate purchased include taxes and all other expenses pertaining to the purchase and the permit.

There is more good news however, as the offer also includes :

  • 4 airline tickets including the return trip, so that you may have the opportunity to visit Greece and have a first hand view of the available real estate.
  • Accommodation in 4 star hotels for up to 5 nights.
  • One-day cruise in the Aegean for 4 adults.
  • Visits to the main tourist attractions in Athens with an exclusive guide.
  • Chauffeured car for the whole period of your stay in Greece.

All the above are included in the final sum of 250,000 euro. This offer has no fine print nor hidden provisions and is possible thanks to the synergies accomplished between our company and the sellers.

Read the FAQs about the 250K – All inclusive package

What do I buy with 250.000 Euros ?
With 250.000 Euros you buy a property in Greece, the services for the property purchase, and the services for the residency permit issuance. The rest of the product characteristics (taxes, benefits, etc) are a giveaway offered by us and the property seller.

What is the catch ?
There is no catch. After negotiations with all the parties involved, we managed to accommodate all the expenses in the initial amount of 250K.

Maybe the offering is of lower quality ?
Absolutely not. The properties are selected with very strict criteria. We make sure that they are fully legitimate certified by all relevant documents (building permits, titles of ownership, architectural blueprints, energy certificates etc).

We also perform a technical examination to ascertain its general condition and possibly pinpoint future problems for the new owner.

The property transfer and residency permit issuance services are offered by our team of lawyers.

All benefits are top quality. You will travel with a major airliner and stay in a fine 4 star hotel in the center of Athens. A spacious car with driver will be available to you at all times. A guide speaking your language will escort you to the tourist attractions of Athens and last but not least, you may spend a day cruising the Aegean Sea and enjoy the view of the Attica shores.

Every 250-All inclusive package is clearly displayed and described in detail at the corresponding web page.

Are there any hidden costs ?
NO hidden costs whatsoever. The 250K is clearly described above. What you see is what you get.

Why 250.000 Euros ?
Because that is the minimum amount required by the law that will grant you a residency permit to Greece and access to Schengen zone countries. But we suggest to keep following this space because in the near future you will find similar propositions for properties of higher value.